Veronique Beumer
Producer at Big Sync
Título#JustBoobs 3
Campaña #JustBoobs
Anunciante 72andSunny Amsterdam
Marca 72andSunny Amsterdam
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Publicidad y comunicación
Filosofía This International Women’s Day, a flock of giant buoyant breasts will glide blissfully down Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, to celebrate the fact that boobs are just boobs. Like the noses on our faces, they’re simply a part of the body, part of what makes us women. Whatever you call them, in whatever language, be it boobs, baps, tits, tetas, memmen, möpse, norks, nichons, to us their gloriously different array of shapes, sizes and skin tones are all equal, and we feel the world should just let them be. But merely having a pair seems to be disruptive. So a team of women from creative agency 72andSunny Amsterdam are launching a delightful diversity of boobs from small to big, veiny to hairy, fake to pierced, asking to keep women’s body parts free from shame and stigma, objectification, harassment or censorship. Why should boobs have to follow some unwritten social and cultural rules? Let’s set them free, and support their fundamental rights as funbags this International Women’s Day with the hashtag #JustBoobs. The idea was triggered by agency research with close to 160 participants, which revealed that nearly 78% had felt embarrassed by their boobs at some point of their lives.
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Deputy Executive Creative Director
Art Producer
Production Company

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