Elias W. Bassil
Head Of Strategy at Geometry Global
United Arab Emirates, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
TítuloCoke Mixed Fans
Campaña Coke Mixed Fans
Anunciante Coca-Cola Company
Marca Coke
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Bebidas gaseosas
Filosofía Background.

In preparation for the World Cup marketing hype, Coca-Cola wanted to play an active role in amplifying the overall game-watching experience. The brief was to move away from passive advertising i.e. branded content, ATL films, shopper promotions – and move towards inspiring people in Dubai to celebrate the month-long event with Coca-Cola. However we were faced with one major barrier: the UAE’s population is comprised of over 200 nationalities, many of which don’t have a team competing in the WC games. But, Coca-Cola believes the joy of football should be for everyone. So how could Coca-Cola enable people to take part of the World Cup, regardless of their nationality?
Describe The Creative Idea.

Mixed Fans. Helping non-fans find their unlikely national team to support. At the heart of this idea, was the universal truth that everyone’s genetic heritage is a big amalgam of different cultures and nationalities. So, we invited people without a team to support, to take a DNA test. And envisioned a unique way to deliver their results, just in time for the big games. We created tailoring service that connected them to their heritage, and stationed them in Dubai’s most popular football-viewing venues. There, fans were presented with their DNA results, in the form of new hand-crafted football jerseys. The DNA test helped them discover their origins, revealing their roots, and giving them a team to support. We turned the World Cup into a moment of discovery and inclusion, bringing the universal joy of football, to everyone.
Describe The Strategy.

Every World Cup season, brands ride the wave of national team celebrations. Flags from participating countries take over packaging, social posts, and most forms of communication collaterals. Knowing that Coca-Cola is a brand of inclusivity and diversity, we saw an opportunity to change this traditional paradigm. What about the people whose national teams are not participating? How can we not make them feel left out because their flags aren’t being waved by brands? Our insight uncovered a universal truth: everyone’s genetic composition is made up of different cultures and nationalities. And so, the strategy became clear: Make people see that they already belong to the big football family; they just don’t know it yet.
Describe The Execution.

Two months before the World Cup, we created a bespoke campaign targeting nationalities whose teams weren’t taking part in the World Cup. The unbranded campaign came with a simple message: Find your roots through DNA testing. Out of thousands of applicants, we invited those who showed the highest interest for football to take the test. During the WC opening week, we invited the same people to discover the findings of their DNA test at Dubai’s most popular viewing arenas. We surprised them with an unexpected reveal; a hand-crafted football jersey made up of their DNA heritage. More importantly, proving that they do have a team to support. Turning the World Cup into a moment of discovery and inclusion, and truly bringing the universal joy of football, to everyone.
List The Results.

15k fans reached through social media All the participating venues sold out for 3 games in a row +800 new mixed fans proudly wearing their jerseys
Medio Interactivo
Managing Director
Director ejecutivo de creación
Head of Strategy
Director creativo
Experiential Director
Production Manager
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Business Director
Account Director
Ejecutivo de cuentas
Diseñador gráfico
Strategic Planner
Group Account Director
3D & Visual Supervisor
Responsable de conceptos / redactor

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