Alice Reindlová
PR Communications Manager at McCann Prague
Praha, República Checa
TítuloSeniors for seniors
BriefWhen older people go to buy a mobile device, they sometimes feel blinded by the science spouted by younger vendors. In fact, technology is better explained to other seniors. So Vodafone retrained some retirees into a sales force. The recruitment was based only on two criteria: they had to be over 65, and know nothing about technology. The related film sparked a debate about age-ism.
Campaña Seniors for seniors
Anunciante Vodafone
Marca Vodafone - HR Program
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Servicios de telecomunicaciones
Sinopsis Through this special HR program we recruited, trained, and reconverted pensioners into Vodafone sales force to support older customers and connect them to modern technology in a dignifying and successful way.
Filosofía Technology can be better explained to seniors… by other seniors.
We developed an HR experimental program to reconvert pensioners into Vodafone sales force.
The recruitment was based only on 2 criteria: to be over 65 y.o. and know nothing about modern technologies.
We redesigned our training program, using less memorization but learning by play.
Problema In Czech Republic pensioners feel useless and deserted.
Technology deepens their disconnection.
Young vendors use too much jargon and don’t any patience for elders.
Resultado Ageism became a public topic, next to feminism and racism.
Czech Parliament is supporting the initiative.
Nationwide TV coverage
Medio Case Study
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