Belinda  Bradley
Executive Producer/Partner at Film Construction
Auckland, Nueva Zelanda
TítuloRisky Business - Episode One - Place Film Series
Campaña Place Film Series
Anunciante Film Construction
Marca Place Film Series
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Programas y cadenas de televisión y radio
Lema Spectacle & Danger filming In New Zealand Epic Central Otago
Sinopsis Episode One

Spectacle, danger, and working with Tom Cruise.

Meet Woody and Wayne, two of New Zealand's pre-eminent mountain and river Health & Safety guides. We hear about some of their adventures in one of New Zealand’s most epic shooting locations - Central Otago.

We chat to them about the hazards, the rewards, and the richness of the landscape. They share a few behind the scenes stories that will amuse and take your breath away.

“You get up in some of these places and you’d be very glad you had Woody and Wayne by your side” says director Perry Bradley.

Woody & Wayne are charming, engaging and exactly who you need while filming in such incredible but very fast changing landscapes.

Health and safety has never sounded so exciting or sexy.

Created and produced by Film Construction.

Director - Perry Bradley . Producer - Jozsef Fityus . Cinematography & Editing - Belinda Bradley

Special thanks to:
Wayne Allen
Robert Woods
Helicam Films
Direct rentals
Southern Safety Film & Events
April written & performed by Rhian Sheehan. Courtesy of Loop Media New Zealand.
Medio Web Film
Más información
Productor de la productora
Director de fotografía

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