Aaron Clark
Productor at RSA Films
London, Reino Unido
Título100 Days of Dark
Campaña 100 Days of Dark
Anunciante Ford Motor Company
Marca Ford Ranger
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial 4x4
Sinopsis The nature of documentary filming, using real citizens of Svalbard meant no storyboards were created.;The inaccessibility of the arctic island also meant the director could not visit prior, with the recce carried out by a local fixer.;With so many unknowns, the director worked tirelessly to research & cast the protagonists to build a compelling narrative for the film. Understanding their hardships but also their passions and their reasons for being, even flourishing in this stygian landscape led the film production.;Bearing in mind the harsh environmental & production challenges, the direction of the project required a constant state of anticipation, prepared to respond and adapt to any tribulation or opportunity which arose.;Moments of unscripted beauty – such as immortalising a fleeting moment as a couple dance in an empty café, arm-in-arm, as if no one is watching enrich the human-interest and strengthen the emotive storytelling.;Entry Summary;The campaign was published across 14 markets. The narrative and human-focused storytelling was used to deliver a deeper cultural context to the audience. The international judging panel will have as much contextual information as the campaign audience.;Brief Explanation;Our film is based in Longyearbyen, the Arctic circle’s northernmost settlement: one of the harshest environments on earth.;Life’s hard for the people who live there, spending over 100 days of the year living in constant darkness.;At the centre of 4-minute documentary, our three residents take us along on their daily journeys in complete darkness and sub-zero temperatures. Our audience delves deep into the lives of our drivers: a carpenter, an airport ground controller and an arctic farmer. As we see our heroes at work and hear their individual stories, spoken in their own, unknowingly-inspirational words, whilst demonstrating the true capabilities of the Ranger – in a place you’d need to rely on it most.;So, who better to put the Ford Ranger Black Edition to the test than the drivers who really understand how tough darkness can be?
Medio Televisión
Responsable de la creación
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo adjunto
Director de fotografía
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Group Business Director
Business Director
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Sound Designer
Empresa de creación sonora
Music Prod Company
VFX Supervisor
Post-production Producer
Production Service Company

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