Elizabeth Bernstein
Head of Business Development at McCann London
London, Reino Unido
TítuloToxic Toby
BriefCar accidents are not the biggest killer on UK roads. Air pollution is; leading to 9400 premature deaths each year in London alone. BreezoMeter, a company that monitors air quality, wanted to use their hyperlocal, real-time data to shine a light on how deadly this pollution is and raise awareness of their brand publicly and with investors.We re-purposed the typical roadside memorial of a teddy bear, symbolic of death, to bring the pollution problem to life. But Toxic Toby is more than just a teddy bear memorial, he’s an AV warning system and environmental lobbyist. Powered by live, hyperlocal air quality data, Toby coughed when pollution was high. The higher the pollution level, the more he coughed. Every cough generated a tweet directly targeting the local MP, lobbying to improve regulations.He succeeded in visualising an issue known as ‘the silent killer’ and became not only the representative symbol of the air pollution crisis but a vital educational tool for younger generations.
Campaña Toxic Toby
Anunciante Breezometer
Marca Breezometer
PostedSeptiembre 2018
Sector Empresarial Electrónica doméstica y audiovisual
Sinopsis McCann London has teamed up with BreezoMeter’s air quality data experts to raise awareness around London’s “silent killer” – it’s toxic air - by placing a roadside memorial in the capital’s pollution blackspots to highlight the startling 9,400 premature deaths associated with this public health issue.
Medio Case Study
Miembro del equipo creativo
Miembro del equipo creativo
President & Chief Creative Officer
Director ejecutivo de creación
President & Chief Creative Officer
Director ejecutivo de creación
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Head of Business Development
Senior Account Manager
Comms Strategy Partner
Communications Director
Chief Production Officer
Productor ejecutivo
Productor de la agencia
Business Affairs
Music Supervision
Sound Engineer
Planning Team
Director de proyectos
Business Director
Senior Interface Developer

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