Lindsay Grubb
Freelance copywriter, editor and strategist at Lindsay Ann Grubb
Johannesburg, Sudáfrica
CEO Interviews: Interview with Piaget CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger

On the challenges the brand faced in 2015, Leopold-Metzger said, “The challenges are always there obviously. Piaget is a very, very big brand today, very exposed in China. We have been very, very strong in Asia and in China for very many years. Business is more challenging in Asia now than it was for many years, so you see the question for all brands, including Piaget, is to look even more in-depth to all territories, like Europe and America, where we feel that we can work harder and probably differently.”

“Then looking at territories that are new, we’re talking about South America, and we are going to talk probably about Africa and the Middle East. When one market gets slower, other markets in the world are getting stronger and I think Africa will be a very, very important continent.”


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