Lindsay Grubb
Freelance copywriter, editor and strategist at Lindsay Ann Grubb
Johannesburg, Sudáfrica
Brand Features Omega - Frontier Pioneers

“There are those remarkable men and women amongst us, who are fearless, who continuously dare to push the boundaries of what is commonly thought possible, who venture intrepidly into uncharted territories in order to lay the foundations for future generations and create partnerships that fuel the flames of perpetual innovation.”

“There is no doubt that that one of mankind’s most remarkable milestones occurred on 21 July 1969 at 02:56 GMT, as Commander Neil Armstrong descended from Eagle’s ladder and touched one foot onto the surface of the moon. Fifteen minutes later, Buzz Aldrin and his Omega Speedmaster Professional were there to record this truly pioneering moment. In that moment, the Speedmaster Professional became the first and to date only watch to be worn on the moon, earning it the moniker “The Moonwatch.” As for Commander Armstrong’s Speedmaster, the lunar module’s on-board clock was working intermittently so he left his reliable Speedmaster on the Eagle as backup.”


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