Vittorio Bucci
Director medios comunicación at Serviceplan
Milan, Italia
TítuloBurn Racist Giga (Film Case)
BriefThis clever troll operation took power away from racists. Many racists have access to a fairly limited amount of mobile data. On social media, the agency seeded racist videos that had a far bigger than usual file size (600MB). When racists watched the films, their mobile data quickly burned down to a crisp, taking them offline.
Campaña Burn Racist Giga
Anunciante Rolling Stone Magazine
Marca Rolling Stone Magazine
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Periódicos, revistas, libros
Sinopsis Burn Racist Giga. A secret operation to remove racism from the internet. Using popular racist videos – with a little twist: A much bigger file size. After watching these videos for a few minutes, racist viewers have used up their data – and are offline.
Medio Digital Installation
Banda Sonora Disclosure - Universal
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Director creativo
Director artístico
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director de cuentas
Director de cuentas
Director medios comunicación
Managing Director
Productor de la agencia
Productor de la agencia
Digital Production

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