Sebastian  Tully-Middleton
Social Media Manager at McCann Manchester
Macclesfield, Reino Unido
TítuloBaby Blocker
BriefIt's not easy to convince millennials to use condoms. Scare tactics about diseases don’t work. So instead they were reminded about another potential consequence: an unwanted baby. "The Baby Blocker", a Google Chrome extension for Facebook, blocks baby photos on your newsfeed and swaps them for stuff you’re actually interested in. It tracks how many babies you’ve blocked in real time and lets you share the extension with your friends. To get the world talking about it, the launch was timed with the most high profile birth of the year: Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s bundle of joy.
Campaña Baby Blocker
Anunciante Skyn Condoms
Marca Skyn Condoms
PostedNoviembre 2019
Sector Empresarial Contraceptivos, preservativos y tests de embarazo
Sinopsis Scare tactics highlighting the consequences of unprotected sex doesn’t work with millennials. So we needed to engage with them in a fun and relevant way. How? By creating ‘The Baby Blocker.’ It’s a Google Chrome extension for Facebook that blocks baby photos and swaps them for things you’re actually interested in.
Medio Interactivo
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Director técnico
Interactive Developer
Director de cuentas
Business Development
Diseño digital
Senior Producer
Digital Content
Frontend Developer
Head of Post Production
Director of PR & Social
Group PR Account Director
Senior PR Account Manager
Senior Social & Content AD
Social Media Manager
Senior Planner

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