Montenegro Lafont
Founder / Creative Director at
Madrid, España
TítuloLyft — Waveforms
Anunciante Lyft
Marca Lyft
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sinopsis Lyft is about ridesharing, a company based in USA bringing people together through transportation.
With a very interesting ongoing campaign about conversations among passengers & drivers we were offered to pitch and then develop one of them. With only an audio file as a starting point we were asked to create an appealing way of illustrating this conversation. And that is what we did.

We wanted to honor the encounter between two different: people, realities & experiences but emphasizing at the same time, what we all have in common, our soul, and the need we have to share with others, to socialize. To achieve this we came up with the waveform as the key element that articulates this “conversation”.

Embracing the beauty of this testimony the proposal focused in powering up Hayden’s and Conrad’s voice by creating a mixed media dance of elements connected with their story.
A well-balanced choreography capable of adapting itself to different formats understanding the social media language.
Medio Social Media
Stop Frame Animator

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