Experiential Revival Series, Vol 4: Do the Right Thing

Amy Beth Stern, Vice President, Business Growth & Client Strategy at Eventive Marketing explores the trend called 'Do the Right Thing'.

The Eventive Experiential Revival Series takes a look at the future of experiential marketing and what it means to clients and consumers. Despite lots of uncertainty in the world, one thing remains crystal clear to us: post-COVID 19, we’re likely to remain stressed and frustrated. However, coming together to share and bond is in our DNA. As the world emerges from this crisis, we will see the need for society to make up for lost connection. This series predicts how this may happen.

Amy Beth Stern
Vice President, Business Growth & Client Strategy Eventive Marketing


Eventive Marketing is a different breed of experiential agency, where traditional meets innovative. Through the application of both art and science, we reinvent brand experiences that yield authentic connections, promote understanding, shift perceptions, motivate action, and ring the register. We’re experiential passionistas who tell brand stories in the most artistic, inventive and memorable way imaginable.

New York, Estados Unidos
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