Welcome to Fame, by Stephan Vogel

Our first preview from this year's Epica Book is the introduction by Stephan Vogel, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy EMEA

Welcome to Epica. Welcome to the exhibition of the best work in the world in 2018. Open the book and wander around with your eyes. And you will see that communication has changed a lot. And changed a lot of brands.  

Advertising is not advertising any more. It has jumped out of the booked and paid media containers. Brand communication is no longer limited to commercial breaks in radio and TV. It’s not caged in online banners or preroll ads. It’s on the news. It’s on social media. You see it, because a friend shared it. It’s part of our lives. It’s pop culture. It’s famous. 

Famous work is simple. And stays forever. In people’s minds. In consumers’ hearts. Famous work is iconic. It creates that one picture that is new. Never seen before. And tied to the brand eternally.

Famous work is work that stands out in the competition. And gets in the book. In the Epica Book that you are holding in your hands.  

The important difference between this award book and any other: this selection was not made by creatives and ad people. It was made by journalists. Experienced journalists with their own point of view about what’s relevant, what’s strong, what’s famous. 

Welcome to famous, epic work. Welcome to Epica,