Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

At Havas, we believe effective teams are small, experienced and, above all, made up of people who are ridiculously passionate about what you want to achieve and have the breadth of skills you need to achieve it.

By pulling in the best talent from across our UK group (from advertising, digital, PR and social, eCRM, design, local activations and media), we will build you a client-centric team that delivers exciting, relevant work “that works”.

A team that can rapidly evolve to cater to any and all of your changing needs and yet remain under its own P&L.

This is how, together, we build a brilliant relationship. 

Descripción de la red

Simply put, we are the smallest big network in the world with: (Oystercatchers profile attached to email)

19,000 employees
Across 124 cities
75 countries
316 offices

In Europe
3rd Largest Communications network
5,390 employees
124 cities
75 countries
316 offices 

And in the UK
250+ employees
1 office
1 city 


Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)
Marketing Society (MS)
Oystercatchers Club


Tracey Barber

Tracey Barber

Global CMO Havas Creative Group and Arnold

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