TítuloGeneration Rewear
Campaña Generation Rewear
Anunciante Reckitt
Marca Vanish
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación 2021 / 6
Sector Empresarial Productos de limpieza, jabones, detergentes
Sinopsis Garment care brand Vanish has partnered with the British Fashion Council (BFC) to create a documentary series shining a light on a new generation at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Generation Rewear, which runs across Amazon properties, addresses consumers’ excessive consumption of clothing and the culture of extreme disposability at its heart, while simultaneously celebrating the innovative designers, companies and ordinary people seeking to reduce fashion’s impact on the environment. This three-part series, created by Havas London and directed by Richard Bullock at Hungry Man, aims to inspire consumers into adopting environmentally conscious behaviours in the buying, wearing, caring and disposing of clothes. Cinematic, candid and authentic, it does so through revealing, first-hand accounts from those on the front line of fashion’s fight to become more sustainable.
Filosofía At heart, Vanish is a brand that’s about clothes - the love we have for them and the way they make us feel. Collectively, client and agency acknowledged that decades of rational, product-led advertising had overshadowed this truth. A glance at the behaviour of modern Britain showed us just how wide of the mark we’d strayed. The British public buy more clothes per capita than anyone else in Europe. Our love of fashion is fed by a fast-fashion industry offering catwalk sophistication at rock-bottom prices. But there’s a trade-off. Cheap clothes are made of cheap fabrics that need extra love to last. This gave Vanish the opportunity to redefine itself - from a stain removal product to a garment-care brand. As well as unlocking growth within a younger, more image-conscious demographic, this shift would drive purchase frequency by ENCOURAGING THE PROACTIVE USE OF VANISH IN EVERY WASHLOAD. Our love of clothes is built on the desire for ‘new’ and asking people to care for their clothes for longer initially felt counter-intuitive. An ethnographic study of our consumers seemed to confirm this. Many admitted to wearing garments no more than twice before tiring, then disposing of them. But it was through this understanding that the cost of our fashion addiction was made apparent – not just in terms of the hit to our pockets, but also the burgeoning impact on our planet. An uncomfortable truth about our love of clothes had emerged. It was out of control. The pervasive influence of fast-fashion had conditioned us to treat the very things we love - clothes - as if they were disposable. This insight gave Vanish more than just a proposition. It gave the brand a whole new sense of purpose - to help clothes live longer. A simple promise - ‘Clothes Live Longer with Vanish’ - reframed what the product could do for clothing, helping people to reappraise the brand’s role in the laundry room. From this positioning came ‘Rewear’, a campaign idea and rallying cry that joined the dots between careless fashion habits and environmental destruction. By reinvigorating people’s love for the clothes they already own, it encouraged them to avoid unnecessary waste and save some cash whilst doing it. But the true strength of ‘Clothes Live Longer’ lies beyond communication. Through a truly collaborative working relationship between agency and client, creative thinking has been elevated to where it opens up opportunity for the business as a whole:  Supporting the launch of new products like Vanish Miracle  Forming partnerships with sustainable start-ups like Oxwash  Shaping policy through founding membership, alongside the British Fashion Council, of a think-tank - the Institute of Positive Fashion
Problema Vanish is a loved brand, found under every kitchen sink in the UK. But by 2020 it was under threat from a new generation of laundry detergents, all boldly claiming to tackle the kind of stains that had previously set Vanish apart. Facing obsolescence and recognising an opportunity to meet new consumer laundry needs specific to modern, synthetic fabrics, Vanish was reformulated. On the face of it, the brief was simple: relaunch Vanish as a ‘multi-action’ laundry booster - capable of not just ‘vanishing’ stains, but also ‘vanishing’ odours and preventing colours from fading. Nonetheless, Vanish’s category-defining strength - the cornerstone of the brand’s growth for almost 40 years- now worked against it. Ask anyone what Vanish does and they’ll give you one answer, and one answer only: REMOVE STAINS. To establish a completely new role for it in the laundry room was nothing short of a total reinvention.
Resultado ‘Clothes Live Longer with Vanish’ has given the brand a credible and impactful voice in the conversation around a major social issue. The launch of our campaign during London Fashion Week 2021 was viewed more times than the runway shows themselves. This momentum was carried into the release of a branded documentary - ‘Generation Rewear’ - which reached 15 million people on Amazon. Crucially, Vanish saw a real, positive impact on its business over the following period, despite unprecedented pressures from the Pandemic on the laundry market. • 5% uplift in purchase frequency • 5.1% increase in net revenue vs. the previous year And as the campaign develops, Vanish is furthering its initiatives to develop a measurable impact amongst the most important metric of all - clothes waste. So far, this has resulted in a 9% uplift in perceptions that Vanish ‘Gives longer life to clothes’ - rising to +15% amongst the hard-to-reach 18- 34 demographic.
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