TítuloI Love You, California
Campaña I Love You, California
Anunciante Fridays For Future
Marca Fridays For Future
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación 2022 / 9
Sector Empresarial Medio ambiente y ecología
Sinopsis The worsening climate crisis fuels increasingly devastating and frequent extreme weather events, while significant interventions at various levels remain elusive. In 2020, California faced five of its worst historical fires, emitting over 100 million metric tons of CO2. In 2021, wildfires consumed 2.2 million acres, equating the carbon output of 16 million vehicles in a year. Addressing this urgency, Fridays for Future unveiled
Filosofía To illustrate the devastation these fires have on California’s incredible landscape, and the conditions that have led to this now year-round wildfire season, Fridays for Future U.S. and FRED & FARID Los Angeles created the film “I Love You, California,” inspired by California’s state song of the same name.
Problema Historically, wildfire season in California takes place between the months of May and October, when the dry summer heat is at its highest and the winds threaten to expand the reach of fires. But wildfire season is no longer a simple 6 month period in the middle of the year — according to climate change experts, California is experiencing record-breaking wildfires all year round. At the time this release is written, the Mosquito Fire in Northern California has already burned 76,290 acres and is at 39% containment. There’s near certainty that more wildfires will continue to rage in the coming months.
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