Corona Battles the Pollution Blues

The Mexican beer brand used a smart packaging tactic to draw attention to a Pacific under attack from plastic.

Mexico’s Corona is the world’s fourth most popular beer in terms of sales. As such, it’s crowned logo and blue and white packaging is instantly recognisable. Due to its links with the great outdoors – especially the beach – it has a commitment to protecting the environment. And Mexico’s beaches need help: at many of them the ocean is so full of plastic pollution that they’re in danger of being irrevocably spoiled. Corona drew attention to this by changing the livery of its cans, which was originally inspired by the Mexican sky, sun and sea. Using scientific data, it made special editions with the level of blue reduced to reflect the percentage of pollution at specific beaches. The more pollution there was, the less “sea” on the can. This became a call to action that inspired consumers to get busy cleaning the beaches. Cheers, Corona.