Wines cut from the finest cloth

This altruistic winery in Israel has no stain on its character.

You know how it is. The table is set, the cutlery gleams, your best white tablecloth is as immaculate as freshly fallen snow. But a few moments later, it’s stained with splashes of sauce – or even worse, red wine. But the Galil Mountain Winery in Israel has come up with a handy hack. When you buy one of their festive wine gift boxes, the bottle comes with a tablecloth in the exact hue of the wine concerned. So if you spill a few drops when you’re topping up a glass, they won’t even show. Furthermore, the factory where the tablecloths are made employs only socially disadvantaged people, ensuring that they have a job in the best conditions in these difficult times. Wine for a good cause – now that’s something we can raise our glass to.