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Empleados: 30

274 Marconi Boulevard, Suite 400
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Bus Wrap Advertising

Bus wraps are essentially mobile billboards as they are advertisements placed on the exterior of buses. Their sizes range from taking up an entire side of a bus to taking up a portion of the back end of a bus.

Why Use Bus Wraps?

Bus wraps capture the attention of riders and pedestrians alike. These advertisements are difficult to ignore thanks to their large size so your ad campaign can be shown to thousands unobstructed.

Additionally, the bus will travel all throughout the city on its daily route, meaning that your ad will have coverage in multiple locations. A bus wrap can generate approximately 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. From drivers, passengers, or pedestrians, about 95% of Americans are reached by targeted vehicle ads.

Types of Bus Wrap Advertising:

Ultra Super Kings

This graphic is the largest you can buy on a single side of a bus. It takes up all the space between both of the wheel wells and fills space from the top of the bus to the bottom.

Super Kings

Super Kings are placed on a single side of a bus. They take up space between both wheel wells and are placed about ⅓ of the way up on the side of a bus.


Kings are displayed that can appear on either side of a bus. These are commonly placed in between the tire wells and and below the rider’s windows.

King Kongs

These ads span from the top to the bottom of the sides of the bus and in between the wheels.


Kong bus displays take up space on the entire side of a bus below the rider windows. They are the best canvas for creative ad designs.


Empress bus displays are placed on the side of the bus and under the windows near the tires.


Queen bus displays often appear on the curb side of the bus. These bus displays are seen under the windows and between the tire wells.

Super Squares

Super square ads take up a square-shaped rectangle of space that spans from the top to bottom of a portion of the side of the bus.


Fulbacks are displayed on the back side of buses. They cover the full top-to-bottom of the back end, which allows drivers to see these advertisements easily.

Super Tails

These ads are located on the back of the bus and take up the bottom half of the back of the bus.


Tails are smaller than super tails and are essentially large bumper stickers taking up the bottom half of the back of the bus.

Bus wraps are a great way to garner more awareness and increase engagement for your business. If you are looking for bus wraps to increase your reach, you can choose from many of our options at BillboardsIn!