Amsterdam, Países Bajos
TítuloWhatever Your Journey, it Starts Here
Campaña The Social Hub
Anunciante The Student Hotel
Marca The Social Hub
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación 2022 / 10
Sector Empresarial Hoteles y alojamiento
Filosofía The Student Hotel has made a major rebrand to The Social Hub, with a new website and identity now live at www.thesocialhub.co. The Student Hotel has rebranded as The Social Hub to better reflect its guest profile and mission, with ambitions to double the number of properties within seven years. The rebrand and repositioning has been brought to life by HALAL Studios, who are the architects behind the ‘Open Doors' concept - a lively and colourful 360° introduction campaign called ‘Whatever Your Journey, it Starts Here’.

The ‘Open Doors’ creative aims to give people a sneak-peek into the different rooms at The Social Hub, sparking imagination and inspiring people to start a new journey. The campaign features striking photography by HALAL’s Eliza Jo Tratlehner and a bright cinematic video by Berlin based directors A Nice Idea Studio.

The campaign video of ‘Whatever Your Journey, it Starts Here’ depicts the journeys the brand’s community go on and how these come together through experiences at The Social Hub – from a personal growth journey of a student, to a business growth journey of a entrepreneur building an impactful business, to travellers meeting new people. The video shows connections being made and is an invitation to join The Social Hub’s community.

The rebrand will kickstart with the exciting launch of two new hotels this autumn: Madrid, opening in October, and Barcelona Poblenou, opening in November.

Medio Interactivo
Mercado Alemania, España
Director de publicidad
Director de publicidad
Director de publicidad
Director de publicidad
Managing Director
Strategy Director
Director creativo
Director artístico
Junior Creative
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Productor de la agencia
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Director de proyectos
Responsable de la producción
Director de fotografía
Production Service Company
Service Producer
Director de producción
1st AD
Casting Director
Responsable de vestuario / estilista
Make-Up Artist
Art Department
Editor / VFX Supervisor / Grading
Compositor de música
Sound Designer
Photography producer
Productor delegado
Director de producción
Digital Assistant
Light Assistant
Responsable de vestuario / estilista
Make-Up Artist
Casting Director

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