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People. Culture. Commerce. 

J. Walter Thompson has been pioneering brands since 1864. We go where others only dare. We pioneer forward, rebelling against convention. We do this with bravery, ambition and just the right amount of swagger. We tap into our 150-plus years of brand-building wisdom to build brands that last as long as we have.

By pioneering brands like Air Canada, Tim Hortons, Mazda Canada, HSBC, Shell, and Johnson and Johnson, we keep them relevant in the modern world, while also driving their businesses. 

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Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

Humble. Hungry.

Pioneers are hungry. We are restless, never satisfied. We respect the need for help on our journey, and reach out to collaborate. We value the significance that a new perspective can bring. We constantly challenge ourselves and those around us. We're completely focused on the work.

Work that drives our clients' businesses. Work that enables brands to adapt to an ever-shifting world. Work that is creative, aspirational and responsible. Work that shapes the world. 

· Cannes – Silver Lion in Music – Sickkids – Just Another Day 
· Cannes – Bronze Lion in Radio – The Toronoto Speakers Academy – Give Him Everything
· D&AD – Wood Pencil in Direct – White Ribbon – #20MinutesOfAction4Change  
· D&AD – Wood Pencil in Innovation – White Ribbon – #20MinutesOfAction4Change  
· D&AD – Wood Pencil in Glass –  White Ribbon – #20MinutesOfAction4Change
· Local Choice – Silver in Promotion – Air Canada – Unlimited
· Local Choice – Silver in Film – Tous – Creamy Chocale Chill 


Susan  Kim-Kirkland

Susan Kim-Kirkland

President and CEO JWT Canada / JWT Chicago
Kevin Melhuish

Kevin Melhuish

Director, Corporate Development, JWT Canada

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