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244 West 74th Street
New York NY 10023
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: (+1) 646-229-2673

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Fundada en: 1989

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244 West 74th Street
New York NY 10023
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: (+1) 646-229-2673
Linda Fidelman

Linda Fidelman

Teléfono: (+1) 212-799-1973

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About Advice and Advisors

We view our role as consultants to be that of investment counselors. We facilitate a marketer’s agency selection by providing the relevant information for informed decision making. We ensure that the talent is there and the processes and systems are such that the agency can consistently do great work year after year for a fair fee.

We ensure our impartiality by not charging the agencies any registration fees. We do no recruiting from the agencies. We helped write and faithfully observe the 4A’s/ANA Consultant’s Rules of the Road and their best practices for agency review.


Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

Along with an exceptionally deep and broad experience base, our Search Process has some unique elements:

We do not use a questionnaire. We find that we get much richer information and more recognizable distinctions by allowing the agencies to send us any information that they feel is relevant and will set them apart. A questionnaire forces common denominators; we want to see the differences.

We use an experience base, along with several proprietary data bases. We continually visit and meet with agencies so that we can really know them. You cannot truly judge an agency until you have experienced it. We track agency people when they move about as there is no such thing as agency experience, only personal experience.

We accept all unsolicited credentials. We are human - we may have overlooked an excellent candidate because we lack firsthand knowledge of them

In the final round, we devise a real problem for the competitors to solve. The selection of an agency must be based in real time for your unique business situation, not on historical successes. This also provides a wealth of great thinking on your business.

The agencies must provide a staffing recommendation and a compensation proposal. A selection decision cannot be made without some sense of the price/value relationship. 

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