TítuloThe AI Shaved Woman
Campaña Capa by AI
Anunciante Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre
Marca Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre

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Acerca de Innocean Berlin

Latest News

MANSCAPED launches a new ad for its Beard Hedger with not one but two Pete Davidson

The commercial titled “The Stand-In”, conceptualized by creative agency INNOCEAN Berlin, introduces the premium beard sculpting machine that’s got enough power and precision to craft your style in a single swipe. In pure MANSCAPED humor, it does so by promising to handle everything from great beards to beards like Pete Davidson.

“Pete Davidson is known for many things, but growing a full bushy beard isn’t one of them,” said Marcelo Kertész, Chief Marketing Officer of MANSCAPED. “So, with Pete lacking a bit in the facial hair department, we took a uniquely playful approach, creating a spot rife with authenticity and irony for The Beard Hedger – our latest and most exciting product launch to date.”

The spot kicks off with Davidson presenting the Beard Hedger. Then as a self-proclaimed “I can’t grow a full beard” kind of man, he enlists the help of another man, also named Pete Davidson, who’s got the kind of magnificent beard every man envies. A smart move from the comedian, 29, until he realizes his stand-in now gets to enjoy the perks of being the actual face of MANSCAPED on set that day.

As the bearded stand-in takes the stage, Pete is asked to leave as only “talent” is allowed on set. Fake Pete tries his hand at comedy with his baritone voice and is met with applause and laughter by the surrounding director and team.

Real Pete isn’t amused by the joke and jumps back on set, advising his stand-in to not try to be funny and to just “let the beard do the talking”. It’s a beard commercial after all.

“The banter between Pete and who we are calling ‘Fake Pete’ was a fun and seamless way to introduce the standout qualities of the device, while also reiterating the company’s dedication to providing men with products for every self-care need...even if our Pete isn’t the best ‘face’ for this campaign,” added Kertész.

“It’s not every day we get a brief that requires us to write comedy for a comedian.” said Gabriel Matter, European Chief Creative Officer of INNOCEAN Berlin. “Working together with MANSCAPED and Pete’s teams on this film has been an absolute blast. We love how Pete put his own comedic stamp on the film and made it his own. It was the only way for such a spot to really hit home.” explained Mattar.

The new 60-second ad can be seen, as of today, on MANSCAPED’s social channels or you can catch it on your television as it rolls out on national broadcast stations in the coming days. 

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