TítuloGuess Who Won - Soccer
Campaña Guess Who Won
Anunciante Unilever
Marca Dirt Is Good (Persil, OMO)

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Latest News

Arsenal’s new away kit inspires Lynx “new” special edition.



The football world went crazy when they noticed that Arsenal's new away kit looked very
similar to a can of Lynx Africa. Hundreds of comments were made across social platforms
from football fans tagging Lynx, and some fans even edited the Lynx Africa logo onto the

Lynx reacted quickly, jumping into the conversation with a humorous response that
announced the release of their very own Lynx Africa away kit edition. However, the catch
was that there was nothing special about their limited edition; it is completely the same as
always with the same colours, the same can, almost identical to the new Arsenal away kit,
an accidental collaboration.

A 40-second video was launched on Lynx’s social platforms with a tongue-in-cheek
approach on how they put zero effort into benefiting from a multimillion-pound

Tomás Ostiglia, LOLA Mullenlowe Executive Creative Director, says: “The fortune of having
a brand that is part of British culture, combined with the luck of this multimillion-quid
coincidence, results in this amusing campaign where we ironically boast about having
done absolutely nothing. Thank you, Arsenal Football Club!”

Caroline Gregory, Global Brand Director Axe/Lynx at Unilever, says: “We saw this
coincidence as just too good to miss and we simply had to get involved in the conversation
in the way that Axe knows how to, with a tongue in cheek approach that’s very much in line
with the brand’s tone and personality.” 

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