TítuloGuess Who Won - Cricket
Campaña Guess Who Won
Anunciante Unilever
Marca Dirt Is Good (Persil, OMO)

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Acerca de LOLA MullenLowe

Latest News

LYNX makes a bold bet on comedy in its new campaign


With a rich history of using its fragrances to ignite attraction, LYNX presents "The Power of a Fragrance". The multi-market campaign taps into the rising trend* of dark humor seen on streaming channels such as Netflix and the like, featuring the LYNX Blue Lavender, a standout scent from the NEW Fine Fragrance Collection.

Teaming up with the irreverent Lionel Goldstein, LYNX and LOLA Mullen-Lowe have taken humor to new heights to play with the power of fragrance. Goldstein's world is a blend of the absurd, the melancholic, and the comical, all while maintaining a sense of believability and relevance. Over the years, Goldstein has crafted a diverse portfolio of sharp and witty films, adding an extra layer of zest to the international advertising scene.

“It takes a lot of courage and boldness for a client and agency today to give us freedom to play with the ideas. Lionel is very happy to be part of the new Lynx communication and films. The basics of the daring script and the humoristic level are our cup of tea!” - Lionel Goldstein.

As part of “The Power of a Fragrance” campaign, LYNX proudly presents the films "Robbery" and "Funeral." In "Robbery," we follow the escapade of a woman who, somewhat impulsively, attempts to rob a roadside cafe, only for the scent of LYNX Blue Lavender fragrance to lead to an unexpected twist. In "Funeral," a similar scenario unfolds, this time at a somber funeral, where the fragrance of the deceased guy sets off an entirely unforeseen chain of events.

"We always say we want humor to come back, but few times do agencies and clients dare to do what needs to be done to put this into practice. This is one of those times. Bravo Lynx!" – Tomás Ostiglia, ECD at LOLA Mullen-Lowe.

The campaign goes live in cinemas and online across the UK and Turkey, as well as in various Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay this month. 

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