Carl W. Jones
Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster
London, Reino Unido
Born in Wales, Carl W. Jones moved to Canada where he grew up planning to paint his way through life. His detour into advertising was the result of some disillusionment with the state-of-the-art teachers he encountered along the way. He started his creative career in Toronto, working at <a href="Vickers"> &amp; Benson</a> and eventually moved to Mexico City in 1993.
One of the most awarded art directors in the Mexican advertising industry and the first to be elected President of the Mexican Circulo Creativo, Carl worked on the campaign for Alka-Seltzer that became the country's most awarded campaign of all times. In 2003, Carl created the advertising for the Dali Lama's visit and his 2004, his campaign for Frito-Lay was the first Latin American commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl. It was voted one of the year's top five ads in USA TODAY’s public poll.

During his ten years at BBDO Mexico, the agency became the most awarded agency in Mexico and was named Agency of the Year four times. As General Creative Director of <a href="Y&R"> Mexico</a>, Carl also led the agency to win its first Grand Prix in the Circulo Creativo as well as its first Cannes Lion.

Carl teaches advertising students at a Mexico City Ad School and at seminars held at various universities throughout Latin America. He has given creative conferences in Asia (at the Clio Awards in 2000 and in Seoul in 2006) and participated in multiple industry events around the world. A regular attendee at Art Basel in Miami and ZONA MACO in Mexico City, Carl is both an artist and an avid collector of contemporary art.

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