Hauke Hilberg

Hauke Hilberg

Director at CZAR
Amsterdam, Países Bajos


Born in 1982 in Duisburg, Germany, Hauke began directing at age 12 when he found an old 8mm camcorder and started making stop-motion films.

After finishing school, he worked in the CGI department of a major German TV station. Hauke graduated from the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2011, becoming one of the most successful graduates of his year.

In 2010 Hauke had already joined forces with CZAR Germany. Shortly thereafter he landed his first Nike job, and was featured on the cover of Shots Magazine. Hauke has since shot commercials for clients such as Mercedes Benz, VW, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, HEAD and Orange.

He is still interested in finding new techniques (analog/digital/whatever) and enjoys maintaining the diversity in his reel. 

Experiencia en el sector


Amsterdam, Países Bajos
2010 - Presente (10 years)

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