Daniela González de la Vega

Daniela González de la Vega (de la Vega)

Head of Digital Strategy at Circus
Mexico City , Méjico


Professional with a Master's degree in marketing & advertising, with over 9 years experience in Advertising agencies working local, regional and global digital projects for Spotify, Uber, Citi-Banamex, BMW, Bimbo Group, Unilever, Nestlé, P&G, Avon, Warner Bros., eBay, among others. Specialization in Digital Marketing and Content Strategy.


Head of Content Strategy
Santa Monica, Estados Unidos
2017 - Presente (3 años 8 meses)
Working across the CIRCUS group, I provide multi-platform digital content solutions and strategies for our clients, covering all sectors and channels. Local, regional and global projects (Spotify, Uber, Warner Bros., Barcel, Telemundo, Avon, Fedex, eBay & new business).

Main responsibilities: Content team direction and strategic planning for Content and Social Media projects, team recruitment and training.
Digital Group Account Director
México City, Méjico
2016 - 2017 (1 año)
Responsible to develop digital campaigns and implementation plans. Definition and implementation of brand communications, digital, mobile, media and PR plans.

Involved in all the process since the idea, planning and strategy, creative process, production and data analysis. With contact with clients and creative and production teams.
Head Project Managment | Publicis Digital & Innovation
Mexico City, Méjico
2013 - 2016 (3 años)
Direction in digital and innovation projects. Strategic planning, project report, monitoring social media communication, digital campaigns, development and maintenance of property and digital developments.

Management and coordination of activities relating to the establishment of KPI's, media planning, budgeting and resource allocation. Customer touch point.

For Brands:
- Citi - Banamex
- BMW Group
- Nestlé
- P&G
- Novartis
- Bimbo Group
Project Manager & Social Media Strategist
DF Mexico, Méjico
2011 - 2013 (2 años)
Coordination, management and digital production.

Managing social media and online reputation. Strategic planning and creative brands like: Unilever, Danone, Bimbo Group and Nestlé.

Art Director
San Jose, Costa Rica


Postgraduate course / Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas

2006 - 2008 (2 años)
+ Especialidad en Publicidad y Relaciones públicas + Diplomado en diseño publicitario

Other professional activities

Miami Ad School

2015 - Presente (5 años 8 meses)
Visiting Professor for the subject of Digital and Social Media Planning.

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