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Acerca de TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

TBWA, named Adweek’s 2018 Global Agency of the Year, is The Disruption® Company: the cultural engine for 21st century-business. One of the world’s most innovative and creative companies, TBWA uses trademarked Disruption® methodologies to develop business-changing ideas for brands across the globe. Our collective has 11,300 creative minds across 275 offices in 97 countries. Our unique approach to global operations stands on the fundamental belief in the power of a creative collective of connected, yet distinct, agencies. Rather than a “network” that drives uniformity and status-quo thinking, operating as a collective encourages each office to have their own strong individual culture, while uniting with the greater group through the power of Disruption.

Our true competitive advantage is our Disruption methodology. We use disruption to help brands unleash the power of their soul to drive sustainable growth. We identify the cultural or market conventions to overturn. We scrutinize the future to determine what could lift the brand higher. And we define a Disruption platform that inspires the way the brand behaves and communicates.

Creating cutting-edge, media-neutral ideas built on a Disruptive brand platform is at the heart of what we do. The way in which our audience receives, digests and shares information has evolved beyond any single media platform. Therefore, we believe, everything a brand does is advertising. As such, it is important to factor in the consumer journey when developing creative work across touchpoints.

Backslash is an agile and responsive cultural-insight studio powered by a global Spotter network. Backslash taps into the intelligence, creativity and brilliance of the TBWA global collective to identify emerging trends/behavior and provide us with culturally relevant thought leadership on a daily basis.

Grizzlee is our in-house production capability whose ambition is to create content at any scale that moves culture. Grizzlee has been consciously built with today’s content spectrum in mind. Recognizing that our clients need content from micro to macro to mega from real time to branded entertainment with varying degrees of complexity, budgets, and media support. 

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