Lindsay Grubb
Freelance copywriter, editor and strategist at Lindsay Ann Grubb
Johannesburg, Sudáfrica
CEO Interviews: Benjamin Trisk - Cultivating a culture of conversation

In 2015, the Hyde Park store will expand to twice its current size, all to accommodate more books, and the best tapas bar. Benjamin also has plans for a variety of regular events at the different stores, which will cater to all age groups, and they manifest his genuine passion for re-engaging the reading public at large, on a much more personal level than is typically found in chain stores.

“It’s about theatre. I think my role is much more than a bookseller. I think that we’re curating South Africa’s taste and I’ve gambled a lot on the idea that we can bring people back to books, and we’re seeing it.” Of some of the recent special literary character days Exclusive Books has hosted for children, Trisk says, “We are going to going to be doing that increasingly and it’s going to take us time to get traction – we don’t have much traction at the moment – but I believe that we will ultimately get what we want.”


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